Dates for the course: 17-20.06.2021
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Topics GCI Orthopaedic Medicine course : Spine module

Lumbar spine
• Specific history taking
• General history
• Inspection : what is relevant ?
• Basic functional examination : how to reach, in a valid and practical way, a diagnosis and
differential diagnosis, respecting red flags
• Accessory examination
• (ir)relevance of palpation and other diagnostic procedures
• Specific indications and contraindications of manipulative techniques ; techniques with and
without traction component
• Specific indications and contraindications of mechanical traction techniques
• Specific indication and contraindications of self treatment exercises
• Creating a treatment strategy with incorporation of prophylactic and self treatment
Mechanisms of spontaneous cure procedures
• Accessory SI pain provocation examination
• Clinical reasoning by using a standardized examination protocol incorporating links to
McKenzie and other manual therapy approaches : how to reach a diagnosis and differential
diagnosis ; is there any compatibility between different methods ?
• Non-mechanical disorders : discover the yellow and red flags
• Differential diagnosis with SI-joint and hip problems
• detailed analysis assessment form

Cervical and thoracic spine + extra’s
• Cervical : history, inspection, functional examination
• Cervical : pre-manipulative considerations
• Cervical : manipulation indications-contraindications / treatment techniques / therapeutic
• Cervical : recapitulation functional examination + extra test for RA
• Cervical : differential diagnosis – scapular area
• Lumbar : true false questions
• Lumbar : Quizz
• Thoracic : history
• Thoracic : functional examination
• Thoracic : manipulation techniques
• Lumbar : MCQ questions
• Cervical : more differential diagnosis incl. facet joint – whiplash – adhesions
• Cervical : analysis assessment form
• Thoracic : muscular lesions

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