(R) evolution in postgraduate training
97 therapeutic techniques and diagnostic procedures in a 4-day compact course in combination with an online clinical study program.
Do not miss this unique opportunity and register now for the first Re-Boost course in Bulgaria from 12-15.11.2019! You are a medical doctor, physiotherapist and have interest in musculoskeletal medicine and looking for an efficient, compact and time-saving way to learn the practical aspects of diagnosis and treatment of lesions in soft tissues of the musculoskeletal system?

Do you know these problems?

– I do not have much time to travel
– I do not want to spend too much time outside my family
– I do not want to spend too much money on courses abroad because I’m out of my clinic or office?

There is a perfect solution
The Re-Boost course is a completely new way for effective post-graduate training that combines a hands-on with an online curriculum.
Just a hands-on course
You get very intensive 4-day practical training, practicing all the functional examination and therapy procedures that are often used in orthopedic medicine
The program covers the upper, lower limbs and the entire spine
You will get a clear overview of specific indications and clinical pictures

You already have experience in orthopedic medicine?

Did you know that 80% of colleagues feel the frontal border of the acromion (!) Instead of the tendon of m. supraspinatus? Make sure you are not making the same mistake! Combine excellent diagnosis with palpation sensation.

That’s why Re-Boost is the perfect update for all of you who have already gone through an orthopedic training program.

For more information: Hristo Dimitrov, PT, PhD  +359 887 544 955