Orthopedic Medicine Cyriax focuses on the diagnosis and conservative treatment of soft tissue lesions of the musculoskeletal system.

Global Cyriax Institute (GCI) offers training in the field of updated Orthopedic Medicine according to the method of Dr. James Cyriax, which places particular emphasis on clinical reasoning. This method focuses mainly on: history, inspection, functional examination, palpation, diagnosis, differentiation of diagnosis and techniques for the treatment of soft tissue disorders, such as deep transverse friction, mobilizations, infiltration, injections, tractions and manipulations.


The most important is to make a precise diagnosis. We will achieve this only after thorough examination of the patient consisting of: detailed interview, functional and clinical examination and if necessary palpation. The use of local diagnostic infiltration using a procaine solution can also be useful for differentiating the diagnosis. We must ask ourselves the basic questions: is the diagnosis made always reliable or is it our “wishful thinking”? is the way we came to make a diagnosis reliable (can we trust him)? Are the questions we ask relevant? Are the tests we use as objective as possible? Are our tests characterized by a sufficiently high specificity?


After making the right diagnosis, we must consider applying as much effective treatment as possible. We need to think about what would be the best treatment for the patient (adapted to the personality, patient’s age, type, duration and location of the injury). In the Cyriax Method we have to offer several different methods of treatment: deep transverse friction, manipulations, mobilizations, tractions, infiltrations and injections. The above treatment can easily be combined with self-therapy, or exercises used by the patient at home.


Why choose Cyriax from GCI?

Are you interested in orthopedic medicine? Do you take pleasure in making a reliable diagnosis so that you can offer your patients an effective treatment plan? Do you want to learn what is really important in the shortest possible time?

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CYRIAX course from GCI is the only logical choice, because we offer the most updated program of modern medical orthopedic Cyriax.


We offer the most modern OM according to Cyriax. Research and treatment techniques adapted to the latest medical knowledge.


You will meet an instructor: Steven De Coninck, MSc PT, lecturer, expert with 25 years of experience, who has conducted 1200 training days in 34 countries around the world and is the most experienced CYRIAX instructor!



Paid access with special terms to the online platform https://www.orthopaedicmedicine.eu, containing, among others 189 files in English presenting clinical evaluation, examination and treatment of the patient.


New patient assessment forms, spine pain prevention instructions – all educational materials in Bulgarian language.




A compact learning system that allows you to learn more in less time.


Extensive educational materials (scripts) in Bulgarian language