Physiotherapist, International Senior Cyriax Instructor,  President of Global Cyriax Institute, creator of the current teaching standards of OM CYRIAX (GCI)


  • 1989: Graduated from Brussels Free University (Msc PT)

  • 1989: Participation in the course of Orthopedic Medicine according to Cyriax – 1 month; Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle

  • 1989 – to this day: Work in Private Physiotherapeutic Practice, De Haan, Belgium

  • 1989 – 1992: Seven-time participation in Cyriax’s Orthopedic Medicine courses, ETGOM in Belgium and one-time participation in London,

  • XII. 1992: Participation in the “Reflective foot massage” course, Paris

  • 1992-1993: training as an assistant to the instructor of orthopedic medicine according to Cyriax, ETGOM

  • 1993: obtaining the title Senior Cyriax Instructor, ETGOM

  • 1993: Participation in the course “Manual therapy Maitland “, Antwerp

  • 1995, 1998: Participation in the “McKenzie Method” course, Antwerp

  • 1993 – today: Running the OM Cyriax courses, ETGOM including Bulgaria 2018 year:

    Brussels, Hasselt, De Haan, Bruges (Belgium), ETGOM 
    Hamburg (Germany), Fortbildung in Hamburg 
    Trier (Germany), Zentral Verband für Krankengymnasten 
    Berlin (Germany), Zentral Verband für Krankengymnasten
    Bochum (Germany), Universitätsklinik Bergmannsheil 
    Weiskirchen (Germany) , Academie Weiskirchen, CTG Trier
    Ulm (Germany), UlmKolleg 
    Utrecht (Netherlands), ETGOM 
    Dallas, Texas (USA), Colombia Medical Center of Las Colinas 
    Vancouver (Canada); Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia 
    Houston (USA); Texas Physical Therapy Association 
    Campinas (Brazil); Nucleo de estudos em fisioterapia
    Sao Paulo (Brazil), Winfisio 
    Moskwa, (Russia) Russian University of People’s Friendship
    Youngstown (USA); Youngstown State University, Ohio
    Columbus, Ohio (USA); Ohio Physical Therapy Association 
    Bologna (Italy); Associazione Italiana Terapisti della Riabilitazione
    Barcelona (Spain); Isfyes 
    Hong Kong (China); Hong Kong Physical Therapy Association 
    Jeddah (Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia); Saudi German Hospital 
    Riyadh (Saudi Arabia); Saudi German Hospital
    Krakow (Poland); Reha + 
    Warsaw, Bydgoszcz (Poland), ACTIO 
    Seoul (South Korea), Musculoskeletal Medicine Institute
    Milan (Italy); Riabilitazione Oggi 
    Philadelphia (USA), Thomas Jefferson University 
    Vilnius (Lithuania) 
    Warren, Ohio (USA), Hillside rehab.
    Lovran, Zagreb (Croatia), Croation Association of Physiotherapists
    Trebnje (Slovenia), ETGOM 
    Luxembourg (Association Luxembourgeoise des Kinésithérapeutes) 
    Buenos Aires, Escobar (Argentina), FLENI 
    Dhaka (Bangladesh), Eastern Hospital and Medical Resaerch Center)
    Manama (Bahrain), Bahrain Physical Therapy Association 
    Cairo (Egypt), Primephysio – Cairo University
    Bacau (Romania), Bacau university 
    Alexandria (Egypt), Primephysio 
    Dubai (UAE), Edutrack events 
    Beirut (Lebanon), Primephysio 
    Corfu (Greece), local PT group 
    Belgrade (Serbia ), Serbian PT association 
    Porto (Portugal), Bwizer
    Kuwait City (Kuwait), Public Authority for Youth and Health (GECM); Ministry of Health, Administration of Physical Therapy Services
    Santiago (Chile), Rehactiva Chile 
    Cordoba (Argentina), Colegio de kinesiologos 
    Lima (Peru), Therapy Manual Peru 
    Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Physiotherapy Association of BH
    Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Vivae Training 
    Beijing (China), Chinese Academy of Somatic Rehabilitation) 
    Igalo (Montenegro), Montenegro Physiotherapy Association

  • V.1996: Speech at the conference “Associazione Italiana Terapisti della Reabilitazione”, Bologna, Italy
  • III-IV.1998: Speech at the Ohio Physical Therapy Association, USA
  • VI. 1999: Co-founder and president of the “Global Cyriax Institute”, author of the quality standards for teaching OM Cyriax, creator of “Cyriax Assesment Forms”
  • VIII. 1999: Presentation at the McKenzie International Method Conference, topic: “Application of the examination form for diagnosis purposes”, Maastricht, the Netherlands
  • 2002: Speech at the conference “Convegno: Approccio, Valutazione e trattamento del paziente con algia vertebrale lombare: metodi a confronto”; Milan, Italy
  • 2003: Speech at the Congress “First Congress of Phsyiotherapy”, Lovran, Croatia
  • V. 2005: Speech at the “Physiokongress” congress, Aachen, Germany
  • 2003 – to this day: The creator of the “OMConsult back prevention” project –
  • IV. 2009: Speech at the conference “World Conference on Manual Therapy”, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • VI. 2010: Speech at a conference organized by the “International Society of Medical Shock wale Treatment”, Chicago, USA
  • X. 2010: Speech at the conference “Schmerzkongress 1 Thema 5 Meinungen”, Hamburg, Germany


  • 1994: Kineflash: “Een wandeling door het bijscholingsbos, deel I, II, III”

  • 1995: Author of “Handboek Orthopedische Geneeskunde Cyriax”, ETGOM

  • 1995: Video implementation of OM Cyriax, “ETGOM

  • 1997: Video production of OM Cyriax “Functional examination of the spine and extremities”, ETGOM

  • 1999: Author: “Orthopedische Geneeskunde Cyriax in Theorie en Praktijk”, Brussels, Belgium Volume I: “Onderzoek en diagnose”, Volume II: “Behandeling dmv diepe dwarse frictie, manipulatie en tractie”.

  • 2000: Author of numerous articles in specialist physiotherapeutic magazines, Belgium, Germany

  • 2000: Author of “Testing Forms” (limbs and spine) “Cyriax Assesment Forms”, ETGOM

  • 2003: Producer of DVD and VHS “Orthopedic Medicine Part I and II”

  • 2003: Author of the books “Orthopedic Medicine in Theory and Practice, Part I and II” USA

  • 2005: Author of the book “Cyriax Compact: updated untersuchen und behandeln”, Stuttgart

  • 2005: Author of the book “Clinical Reasoning in Orthopedic Medicine: a new to the point practical guide”, ETGOM

  • 2007: Producer of three DVDs: “Orthopedic Medicine”; Part I: “Functional examination and treatment of the upper extremity”; Part II: “Functional examination and treatment of the lower extremity”; Part III: “Functional examination and treatment of the spine and the SI-joint”

  • 2007: DVD producer (prevention strategy in back pain): “Ontdek je rug, zelfbehandeling en preventie van rugklachten”, OMConsult (Dutch version)

  • 2008: DVD producer (preventive strategy in back pain): “Fit und sexy, nur mit gesundem Rücken”, OMConsult (german version)

  • 2009: Co-producer of a DVD: Orthopedic Medicine, infiltrations and injections in orthopedic and sports medicine, ETGOM

  • IX.2010: Producer of 4 new DVDs (Research and treatment in orthopedic medicine according to Cyriax and shockwave therapy in orthopedic medicine), ETGOM

  • VIII.2010: Project for prevention of back pain, designed for patients by Steven received Qfor certification ( )

  • X.2011: Producer of USB – 7.36 GB (containing videos illustrating the study and all medical techniques used in orthopedic medicine CYRIAX), ETGOM

  • III.2012: The main author of the new book: “Clinical reasoning in modern orthopedic medicine”, ETGOM-OMConsult publications

  • IX.2014: Author of the “Back Instruction Card” (in Polish and French)

  • XII.2014: Author and producer of a series of films on the diagnosis of soft tissue damage: “MasterClass in Orthopedic Medicine”, ETGOM

  • I.2017: Co-author of the book: “Handbuch Physiotherapie, Umfassend aktuell evenidenzbasiert praxisnah”, KVM Der Medizinverlag, Berlin